Who Should Participate

Gary Anweiler gganweiler at sprint.ca
Sat Nov 28 12:21:33 EST 1998


My favorite pictures decorating my "lab" are ones done by my daughter 
at age 5 or 6.  Her solution to translating a 3-dimensional Rubic's Cube
onto one dimension - in full color and leaving no square out - is
particularly wonderful.  So full of color and juice and not constrained by
outwardly imposed "rules".  A whole new way of seeing things.

I feel the same way about the uninitiated and "uneducated" posting to this
group - full of curiosity and enthusiasm and juice. We need to welcome and
encourage them.  There are too few folks in the world with any positive
interest at all in "bugs" and we need all the help we can muster.

I say Welcome Welcome Welcome.  May I be of assistance.! Ignore those
grumpy old folks who mutter about you wasting their time and money with
frivolous or irrelevant postings.  Like this one.

The only thing flying in MY backyard these days are Magpies.

Gary Anweiler, Edmonton Alberta Canada

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