Puerto Vallarta Trip Report

Wanda Dameron be496 at lafn.org
Mon Nov 30 15:41:04 EST 1998

For submission to LANABA Newsletter, LEPS-L, NABA and Friends......
	(If publ., feel free to edit)
A program of reports and pictures is scheduled for the February 17,
LANABA Meeting.   Complete listing of common & scientific names follow
the report + other travel, BF info.

LANABA’s 2nd Annual Puerto Vallarta Trip  (Unofficial)

	Ten enthusiastic butterfliers from southern California had a unique
Thanksgiving Weekend at the La Jolla de Mismaloya, on Banderas Bay,
Jalisco, Mexico.   This lovely resort backs up to a natural habitat area
with large quantities of numerous butterfly species.   We chalked up a
list of 140 identifiable butterflies in 3 1/2 days.   Hopefully pictures
taken by 3 dedicated participants will allow our gracious advisor and
expert Andy Warren to identify others, though many skippers just got
away or were very difficult to identify for lack of good pictures.

	The trip was again a marked success with Wanda Dameron setting up the
trip and her indespensible homemade guidebook, plus Fred Heath’s natural
teaching abilities as informal leader.   We were able to butterfly very
full days with no rain though humidity and temperatures were higher this
year, perhaps as there a bit sooner after the wet season.

	Some of the highlights included the Montezuma, Photinus & Erithalion
Cattlehearts, Pink-spotted Swallowtail, Amphiona & Viardi Mimic-Whites,
Fabulous, Ellops, Tropical and Demophoon Leafwings, Grey Cracker,
Invira’s Owl-Butterfly, Uncinata Satyr, Mexican Bluewing, Postverta
Greenwing, Zone Metalmark, Dyson’s Silver-spotted Palm-Skipper, Ruddy &
Many-banded Daggerwings, Cortes & Neaerea Banners plus 9 species of
Longtails and the ever present Banded Peacocks.   

	Other favorites were Red-bordered & Cephise Pixe, Crimson-patched
Longwing, Mad, Yellow-tipped and Two-barred Flashers.   We always had to
marvel at the beautiful slow floating White Morpho and take another look
at Glorious and Hippodrome Patches, Malachite and Orange-tipped
Peacocks.   A couple of people were lucky enough to see a Morgan’s
Clearwing.   Along with a few hairstreaks and blues, the wide variety of
sulfurs, brushfoots and skippers, several iguanas, other lizards, wild
colored dragonflies,  around 50 species birds including the Magnificent
Frigatebird, Russet-crowned Motmot, Orange-fronted Parakeets, San Blas
Jay and Stripe-headed Sparrow, it was an experience to be treasured!

you wish to be a member of LANABA, send $5 for our bi-monthly newsletter
along with your name, address, phone and email to Unit Leader & Editor
Margaret Huffman 16856 Edgar St., Pacific Palisades 90272.   

If you’d like a copy of Andy Warren’s Mismaloya List along with common
names and picture references used in the homemade guide send $2 and
legal size SASE to Flutterby Press, 23424 Jonathan St. Los Angeles,
Calif. 91304.

Borrow my homemade guidebooks with a hefty deposit and a donation to our
butterfly conservation project fund.   Our board of directors will be
considering this possibility at a meeting after the first of the year.  
These books have pictures cut from a wide variety of books so variable
consistency of size, color, etc., but CONSIDERABLY BETTER THAN carrying
& searching through numerous books some of which are coffee-table
sized!   They are put together with the beginning butterflier in mind
(me) grouped by look-alikes within families, have common & scientific
names and more about habitat, flight period etc.  Unfortunately not much
extra info available on Mexican species.   Books for:  Mismaloya--92%
complete, No. Calif., So. Calif., Washington, Colorado, Rocky Mt.
National Park, So. Texas incl.vagrants, combined SE Ariz.-Sonora,
Mexican state of Vera Cruz  800 of 1100 species --hairstreaks & skippers
account for most of missing species).   Contact Wanda @ 818-340-0365 or
be496 at lafn.org

My book “Searching for BF in So. Cal,” BF Lists, other BF info: get on
mailing list or contact Wanda @ Flutterby Press, 23424 Jonathan St., Los
Angeles, Ca. 91304, phone or email.

Info gladly shared if you or your butterfly group are thinking of
traveling to Mismaloya.  Contact Wanda @ 818-340-0365

Not interested in attending LANABA trips but would like to keep apprized
what So. Ca. chapters are doing see our newsletter under our chapter
listing on http://www.naba.org

Butterfly list for period 26 thru 29 November 1998.

*  = those seen only in area above village beyond Chico’s Paradise
** = new to Mismaloya Area List, had been seen in general region
N: = NABA name; species split on Mexican lists

Cattlehearts	Erithalion		Parides erithalion trichopus**
		Montezuma		Parides montezuma
		Photinus		Parides photinus

Swallowtails	Giant			Papilio cresphontes
		Pink-spotted		P. pharnaces
		Thoas			P. thoas
		Polydamas		P. polydamas
		Torquatus		Troilides torquatus mazai

Whites		Florida			Appias drusilla
		Giant			Ganyra josephina
		Great Southern		Ascia monuste

Mimic-Whites	Amphiona		Dismorphia amphiona lupita
		Viardi			Pieriballia viardi laogore

Sulfurs		Cloudless		Phoebis sennae
		Dainty   		Nathalis iole 	**
		Isanda			Melete lycimnia isandra
		Large Orange		Phoebis agarithe
		Orange-barred		Phoebis philea
		Statira			Phoebis statira
		Trite			P. trite
		Orange			Colias eurytheme **

Angled-sulfurs	White			Anteos clorinde
		Yellow			A. maerula

Dogface		Southern		Colias cesonia
Orange		Tailed			Eurema proterpia

Yellows		Barred			Eurema daira
		Boisduval’s		E. boisduvalianum
		Dina			E. dina
		Little			E. lisa
		Mexican			E. mexicana
		Mimosa			E. nise

Greenstreaks	Destractus		Cyanophrys destractus
		Tropical		C. herodotus

Scrub-hairstreak  Istapa/N:Mallow	Strymon istapa
		Yojoa			S.yojoa

Hairstreak	Damo			Pseudolycaena damo

Blues		Cassius			Leptotes cassius
		Ceraunus		Hemiargus ceraunus
		Eastern Tailed		Everes comyntas
		Marine			Leptotes marina    **

Metalmarks	Falcate			Emesis tenedia
		Fatal			Calephelis nemesis    **
		Fulman			C. fulmen
		Montezuma		C. montezuma
		Perditalus N:Rounded  	C. perditalis
		Virgil’s		Theope virgilius
		Zone			Baeotis zona simbla  *
		Walker’s or Hypoglauca?  Apodemia walkeri ?**

Pixies		Cephise			Melanis cephise
		Red-bordered		Melanis pixe

Banners		Cortes			Catonephele cortesi
		Neaerea			Pyrrhogyra neaerea hypsenor
		Red Rim			Biblis hyperia aganisa

Beauty		Dirce			Colobura dirce
Bluewing	Mexican			Myscelia ethusa
Checkerspot	Theona			Thessalia theona

Clearwing	Morgan’s		Greta morgane	
Cracker		Gray			Hamadryas februa ferentina
Crescent	Tulcis  (N:Cuban)	Anthanassa tulcis

Daggerwing	Many-banded		Marpesia chiron
		Ruddy			Marpesia petreus
Emperor		Dusky			Asterocampa idyja argua
		Silver			Doxocopa laure acca

Fritillary	Gulf			Agraulis vanillae incarnarta
		Mexican			Euptoieta hegesia
Greenwing	Postverta		Dynamine postverta

Leafwings	Demophoon		Archaeprepona demophoon mexicana
		Ellops			Zaretes ellops
		Fabulous		Consul fabius
		Tropical		Anaea aidea

Longwings	Crimson Patched		Heliconius erato punctata
		Julia			Dryas julia
		Zebra			H. charitonius
		Juno Silverspot		Dione juno huascuma

Milkweed BF	Monarch			Danaus plexippus
		Soldier			D. eresimus montezuma
		Queen	`		D. gilippus strigosus
		Tiger Mimic-Queen	Lycorea halia atergatis

Morpho		White			Morpho polyphemus
Owl-BF		Invira’s		Opsiphanes invirae fabricii

Patches		Elf			Microtia elva
		Glorius			Chlosyne gloriosa
		Hippodrome		C. hippodrome
		Gray-based		Castilia griseobasalis
Peacocks	Banded			Anartia amathea colima
		White			A. jatrophe
		Malachite		Siproeta stelenes biplagiata
		Orange-tipped		Siproeta epaphus
		Tropical Buckeye	Junonia genoveva nigrosuffusa
		Common Buckeye		J. coenia  	**

Satyrs		Hermes			Hermeuptychia hermes
		Uncinata		Taygetis uncinata
		?			Similis   ?

Sisters		Band-celled		Adelpha fessonia
		Celerio			A. celerio
		Iphiclus		A. iphiclus massilides
		Phylaca			A. phylaca
		Spot-celled		A. basilioides

Snout		Mexican		Libytheana carinenta mexicana

PYRGINAE  --  Spreadwing Skippers

Banded-Skipper	 Neis			Autochton neis
Checkered-Sk.    Tropical		Pyrgus oileus
	    	 Common			Pyrgus communis **

Cloudywing	Coyote			Achalarus toxeus
Duskywing	Invisus /N:False	Gesta infisus

Flashers	Mad			Astraptes alector hopfferi
		Two-barred		A. fulgerator
		Yellow-tipped		A. anaphus

Longtails	Brown			Urbanus procne
		Dorantes		U. dorantes
		Eight-spotted		Polythrix octomaculata
		Long-tailed Skipper	U. Proteus
		Mexican			Polythrix asine
		Mottled			Typhedanus undulatus

		Plain			U. simplicius
		Teleus			U. Teleus
		White-striped		Chioides catillus albofasciatus

Powdered-Skipper, Texas			Systasea pulverulenta

Scallopwing	Tierra			Staphylus tierra
Sicklewing	Busirus			Achlyodes busirus heros
Silverdrop	Windi			Epargyreus windi

Skippers	Calathana		Ocyba calathana calanus
		Menippus		Mylon menippus
		Mimosa			Cogia calchas

		Nearchus		Antigonus nearchus
		Paris’			Narcosius parisi helen
		Potrillo		Cabares potrillo
		Purplish-black		Nisoniades rubescens
		Sickle-winged		Eantis tamenund
		Ruptifasciatus		Timochares ruptifasciatus
		White-patched		Chiomara georgina

White-Skip.	Alana			Heliopetes alana		*
		Turk’s Cap		H. macaira			*

HESPERIINAE---Grass Skippers
Skipper		Clouded			Lerema accius
		Eufala			Lerodea eufala	*
		Fantastic		Vettius fantasos

		Fiery		Hylephila phyleus
		Purple-washed	Panoquina leucas N: sylvicola leucas
		Violet-banded	Nyctelius nyctelius
		Violet patched	Monca tyrtaeus/N:M. telata tyrtaeus
Palm-Skipper	Dyson’s Silver-spotted  Aides dysoni


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