Population crash of N.antiopa in DK

Morten Dewald Drøgemüller Hansen dd at imf.au.dk
Fri Oct 2 09:03:38 EDT 1998

Hi LEPS-netters

The summer in Scandinavia has been very cold indeed, delaying the
emergence of Vanessa atalanta (Red Admiral) and V. cardui (Painted Lady)
with about one month. The immigration of these two nymhalid species took
place mid to late June, and in a "normal" summer we would see fresh
specimens in late August, but at that time atalanta and cardui were still
rare. At present, the best day for V.atalanta was 18th September, when at
least 1000 migrated at Vejle Fjord in E Jutland, Denmark.

The sad news is that the Camberwell Beauty, which has been common and
widely distributed in Denmark since the invasion in 1995, has experienced
a total population crash. In spring, this beautiful species was observed
in many places in E Jutland, but after this cold summer NO ANTIOPA'S HAVE
BEEN OBSERVED AT ALL. Now, we can only hope for a new invasion from the
south-east in late July 1999....

kind regards
Morten DD Hansen
Dept. of Biological Sciences
University of Aarhus

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