Common Names please?

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Mon Oct 5 08:15:45 EDT 1998

Actually, Nettle (Urtica dioica) is quite edible, though not tasty (tastes
like Spinach) though I have heard that some butterflies eat them...
In the British Isles Urtica has been used as food, and as a source for fiber
in the making of tablecloths, and bed linen.
Yes. It hurt. I am altogether too familiar with Urtica dioica.
Alex Netherton
Asheville NC
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>At 01:05 AM 10/3/98 -0400, Alex wrote:
>>Dear friends;
>>I am as much a fan of dear Carolus Linnaeus (though I may have spelled his
>>name wrong), but being a Botanist by training, I am unable to identify
>>of these species by the binomial. (I picked up on Urtica dioica just fine,
>>thanks. Common Nettle for those interested.)  [snip]
>Did it hurt??
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>"We lived on nettles, while nettles were good"
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