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>>** >Here the Painted Lady is the English name of Cynthia kershawi. In 
>>** >Europe Cynthia cardui. In America C. virginiensis (sp.?)
>> Sorry, Miguel.  Not quite.
>> Robert Michael Pyle, in the National Audubon Society's Field Guide to 
>> North American Butterflies (1995 edition, published in New York by Knopf 
>> and distrbuted by Random House), shows the name "Painted Lady" associated 
>> with Vanessa cardui (see p 625 and illustration 650).  The same book 
>> lists the *American* Painted Lady with the scientific name Vanessa 
>> virginiensis.  Cynthia, I believe, is considered a junior synonym to 
>> Vanessa, although I could be quite wrong on that.
>My point being that 3 different species are referred to by 3 different
>vernacular names in Europe, America and Australia.
>To date I have always seen postings about Vanessa (Cynthia) virginiensis
>referred to as 'Painted Lady', NOT as *American* Painted Lady. The matter
>of whether the correct genus is Vanessa, Cynthia or both, is

Of course, but you identified the *Painted Lady* as V virginiensis; I 
din't.  I feel justified in standing my ground, since Pyle knows what he 
is talking about many orders of magnitude more than I ever will, and he 
**does** make the difference between the two in just the manner I stated:

"Vanessa cardui" = "Painted Lady"
"Vanessa virginiensis" = "American Painted Lady"

>As a further example, the butterfly known as 'Monarch' in America is known
>as the 'Wanderer' here in Australia.

I realize that.  While we are at it, kindly realize, in turn, that I was 
not making the above-quoted statements for the purpose of offending 
anyone, but merely to set the record straight in what appeared to me to 
be an honest mistake.  If you read what you say in a book or other 
material published in the United States and describing American species, 
then there is indeed something wrong there.  I have *never* seen the 
"Painted Lady" identified as other than *Vanessa cardui*; conversely, I 
have always seen the name "American Painted Lady" or "Virginia Lady" 
associated with *Vanessa virginiensis* to the exclusion of all others.  If 
I am wrong, kindly supply me title, author and publisher (and page 
number, if possible) so that I can correct my errant ways.

Keep in mind, also, that I have been interested in accuracy in such matters 
since 1950.  48 years is nothing to sneeze at, and I am sure you have a 
similar record - or better.

Thank you.
Pierre Plauzoles   ae779 at
Canoga Park, California

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