Painted Lady

fred_heath at fred_heath at
Thu Oct 8 12:29:09 EDT 1998

     The Los Angeles Times recently had a large color photo of a "Monarch" 
     similar to those found in Alaska. This one was a Western Tiger 
     Swallowtail (
        >While on the topic of common names, I can't help mentioning the
>peculiar fact that most people in Alaska and the Yukon appear to call
>the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail (_Pterourus canadensis_) 'Monarch'. I 
>have gotten numerous reports of 'Monarchs' in Alaska--and I have now 
>learned to ask if they were yellow and black with tails on the HW. There 
>is even a raod in Fairbanks named "Monarch Lane", and I talked to the 
>person who ack 'Monarchs' he saw mud-puddling
>there in the early summer.

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