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Fri Oct 9 12:28:44 EDT 1998

In a previous article, tryznar at MAIL.COSMOSBBS.COM (Ted Ryznar) says:

>Also got a very fresh looking pink spotted hawk moth(male) at the light
>last night. I am in Northwestern Pa.arent these and black witch moths a bit
>unusual here? I know they migrate but I am surprised they go this far.

Not all that much.  I don't know about the black witch, but the sphinx 
does get that far north in the eastern U S (south and east of a line through 
New York City, Buffalo, Harrisburg [or naybe even Pittsburgh], and 
Houston), although here in the West, it would be a tad unusual.  
Admittedly, this is my own personal guess, but it does sound fairly 
decent, since many sphingids do go father north on the Atlantic Seaboard 
than they do here in the West, or don't occur in the West at all.

I hope this helps you.

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Canoga Park, California

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