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Sat Oct 10 03:10:28 EDT 1998

Hi folks;
First let me explain that I am a Naturalist with a heavy background in
Botany. Cassia is a plant in the Fabaceae (Leguminosae for older
"traditionalists"), and has several species here in NC alone. One species I
am told, is the host plant for Phoebus sennae (Cloudless Giant Sulphur,
according to Pyle). One species is called Senna, and is used for a mild
cathartic (laxative) and the seeds are said to be used for a coffee
substitute. I would suspect some species of Cassia grows in PA, and if the
frost ain't got it yet, should grow inside quite well. They are generally
annuals and ruderals, so probably have no dormancy.
Enjoy Nature!
Alex Netherton
Asheville NC
danetherton at

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