SE Arizona

Mark Walker MWalker at
Tue Oct 13 01:52:41 EDT 1998

A few additions to our species sightings from SE Arizona.  We didn't spend
much time out today, because I treated my son to a day in Tombstone.  Lots
of butterflies, though.  It was hard to concentrate on the gunslinging when
Leps were flying through the streets and amphitheatres (it's a tough hobby,
when you have to spend most of your time in a world which lacks any

"Did you see that stunt, Dad?"

"Huh?  Oh, sorry.  A large, orange butterfly just flew in front of Wyatt
Earp there"

One might accuse me of being selfish, but I say it takes a strong, selfless
inner being to control oneself when you KNOW that the butterflies are

Here's the list:

Arawacus [Dolymorpha] jada  (Creamy Stripe-streak - how 'bout that for a
common name?)
Strymon melinus (Grey Hairstreak)
Ministrymon leda (Leda Hairstreak)
Agraulis vanillae (Gulf Fritillary)
Phyciodes tulcis (Tulcis Crescent)
Asterocampa clyton (Tawny Emperor)

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