airtight storage how?

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Mon Oct 12 11:59:42 EDT 1998

Active ingredient is dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate and related compounds
per the label.  The full name of the product is "Revenge Bug Strip", and is
for use in "homes, motels, cabins, animal shelters, milk rooms, garages, and
grain storage."  I cut them up into approx 1 inch squares and put one per
case.  The cases are fairly tight, and they seem to last more than a year.

As to toxicity, ANYTHING that keeps out museum pest beetles has to be toxic,
but the manufacturer is recommending hanging a full-size one of these in a
10x10 room for fly and mosquito control.

Jim T
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>> Bioquip sells a version of the old Shell NoPest Strip which I have been
>> using for several years.  Nary a dermestid, and no odor.
>!!!  But I believe this one is horribly toxic - isn't it?  Does it say
>what chemical is in it?
>Liz Day

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