macro moth ecology info request

Rosalind Chaundy chaundy at
Fri Oct 16 17:50:40 EDT 1998

	I'm wondering if anyone has personal experience with or knows of 
published info. on the ecology or life history of any of the following 
macro moth species OTHER THAN THAT in: Covell '84, Tietz '72, Rings et al 
'92, the McGuffin series and a series of articles on Spilosoma congrua 
by Bowers and Stamp.
	I have done a literature search, but I found next to nothing, 
because I expect there is little or nothing on some of these species. Can 
anyone help?  The list of species is:

NOCTUIDAE: Orthodes cynica, Callopistra cordata, Protorthodes oviduca, 
Idia americalis, Lasionycta albinuda, Polia detracta, Polia purpurrisata, 
Eurois astricta, Eueretagrotis attenta, Xestia normaniana, Drasteria 
adumbrata, Acronicta innotata, Heptagrotis phyllophora, Zanclognatha 

GEOMETRIDAE: Petrophora subaequaria, Homochlodes fritillaria, Cyclophora 
pendulinaria, Nemoria rubrifrontaria, Antepione thisoaria, Semiothisa 
neptaria, Tacparia detersata.

ARCTIIDAE: Spilosoma congrua
SPHINGIDAE: Sphinx gordius
NOTODONTIDAE: Peridea ferruginea

Thank you, and sorry for cross-postings.
Rosalind Chaundy, Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto,
Toronto, Ontario

chaundy at

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