Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Sat Oct 17 05:03:23 EDT 1998

I suspect that any use of insecticide is going to be a two-edged sword.
I like biocontrol where it'll work. Maybe some spiders installed in
those insect cases? ;)
(The white-footed ants ate my Morpho, leaving only the wings. They leave
unpalatable chunks of cockroach around, too. Not that I was saving those
for anything; they were in my honey traps.)

 I wonder whether horticultural diatomaceous earth*, sprinkled in the
trays, might work (starting with an uninfested collection, of course.).
I'd hate to find out with a terribly valuable collection. 
Fumigants are escape artists; that's how they work. If you aren't using
fumigants, your cases only need to be bug-tight; not vapor-tight. 
Then all you have to do is make sure that every bug you add is
absolutely clean. Freeze, thaw, refreeze?
 There must be 50 ways to love your liver. My way is staying away from
insecticides, as much as possible. Oh, I pass it off as a desire to save
this lovely planet, but actually I'm saving my own skin. Enlightened
self-interest, they call it.  
Anne Kilmer
South Florida
*No, you can't use the stuff from your swimming pool filter; they knock
the sharp edges off that. And you don't want to breathe this stuff much,
either. Dust mask is a good idea, if you're scuffing it around.

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