Printing from digital cameras

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at
Sat Oct 17 21:28:24 EDT 1998

	A while ago there was some discussion of the utility of digital
cameras for photographing lepidoptera. Most people were happy with the
idea of using these cameras for photographs intended to be viewed on
computer monitors, but there was some doubt expressed as to whether units
like the Sony Mavica, with its 640x480-pixel resolution, could ever be
used for images being _printed_ for use in a publication. My own suspicion
was that such images could indeed be printed with acceptable quality,
provided that each individual image was printed near life-size, rather
than as a full-page image.

	I just received a sample print showing 8 moths on an 8.5x11"
sheet, printed on glossy paper by a friend who has a Mavica digital
camera. The individual images are all 2X life-size (these were all rather
small moths, although not micros), and in my estimation they are quite
good enough for field-guide use. Larger moths/butterflies, printed at
1:1, would be nearly indistinguishable from conventional photographs
when printed in a book or journal.

	There are certain advantages in a technology that allows you to
check the sharpness of an image seconds after taking the photo--and then
return to the camera and adjust the focus and try again...

							Ken Philip
fnkwp at

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