Paul Cherubini paulcher at
Tue Oct 20 16:35:48 EDT 1998

Bob Barber wrote:
> A good alternative to introducing predatory insects is attracting predatory
> and parasitic insects that are already in the area

Thanks for the information Bob--it was very interesting.  However, the
original question that started this thread has not been answered; i.e.
Does anyone know where to find a list of beneficial predatory insects
approved by the US Dept of Agriculture for interstate shipments and mass
releases?  In other words, does someone know their way around the USDA
bureaucratic jungle well enough to know specifically where to find the
list?  Just calling the USDA or a State Dept. of Agriculture will likely
lead to hours of "I don't know exactly", i.e. pass the buck type

Paul Cherubini, El Dorado, California

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