Antennae vs. antennas

Mike Soukup mikayak at
Tue Oct 20 18:50:28 EDT 1998

Being a political person, I HAVE to add my opinion.

Phil is EXACTLY right.  This is just another attempt at liberals to
dumb-down everybody and villify "the right way".  It can be seen in our
culture everywhere.  Kids don't need to speak English correctly.  Math
answers become irrelevant because "they TRIED to get the right answer". 
Well, I hate to break it to you touchy-feely types (like J.G.)RIGHT IS
RIGHT.  There is a right way....and a wrong way.  DO NOT try to villify
the "correct" way because some people either don't have the capacity or
inclination to learn to do things correctly.  Everybody wants to dance
around, trying not to offend anybody.  Well.....too damn bad.  If you
want to be involved in leps or make it your vocation or
avocation....LEARN THE TERMINOLOGY.  I don't expect my car mechanics to
be sitting around discussing "the thing with the gears" in place of
"transmission" because most of the public would be "scared" or
intimidated.  If you want to be a car learn about cars,
parts, and repair techniques.  If you want to be a lep person, you learn
about taxonomy, phylogeny, morphology, and and bunch of other things
that end in a "y" that I have to look up in a dictionary from time to

So, in summary, PEOPLE WILL LEARN WHAT THEY NEED TO LEARN...or they will
fail and move onto something else.  IT's the same corollary as "People
will work as much as they are expected to....and rarely any more".  I am
guilty of this myself.  I only do the house projects that are needed to
keep my wife from yelling.  There are a million of them to do....but I
put them off until they reach critical mass.  Same goes for learnning. 
If you expect a kid to learn "probiscis"....he/she'll learn
"probiscis".  If you only expect them to learn tongue...they'll only
learn tongue.


There...I'm done.  Flame me to your hearts content (but you'll be
Mike Soukup
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