antennae vs antennas

John Grehan jrg13 at
Wed Oct 21 13:56:07 EDT 1998

I had a couple of friends who taught their children at a very young age
the names of plants and insects by their latin names. These kids could
reel off names with in an confident and articulate manner that far
exceeded my own repetoire. Probably not so relevant to the current
discussion, but interesting perhaps.

I give presentations to a lot of young children who visit our museum.
They are always keen to learn new names, and have no negative response
to my using scientific terms (which I explain at the same time). Most of
them have been taught the term "camouflage" and show a great deal of
pride in having learned it. The same attitude seems to extend to any
new terminology.

I admit to not knowing a great deal about Jeff Glassberg, but from what little
I have been exposed to, it seems that he has some kind of ideological
axe to grind, and the issues themselves are more symptoms of that agenda,
rather than the agenda itself. Perhaps someone on the list more knowledgeable
about the context may correct me

John Grehan

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