Antennae vs. antennas

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Let's start a new thread - proboscis v. haustellum.

Jim Taylor
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>> A good teacher will know how to teach all three and yet not allienate
>> that "third" group.  I think that Phil's attitude (that dumbing down is
>> inherently bad) is right.
>I agree - but I don't see a preference for non-technical language as
>dumbing down.  In fact I see that term as a bit insulting myself...  I
>see it as a sign of good, clear speech or writing, the way I would talk to
>almost any group of adults (except those professionally versed in the
>particular topic).
>However, a friend on this list said that one needs to use a different
>presentation approach with different audiences, rather than change the
>terminology.  So I may be confounding the two.
>I do worry that people (especially kids) think that by knowing the name
>of something, they know all about it.
>Past experience with scientific language that effectively blocked what I
>was trying to find out about has made me a bit rabid on the subject.
>Liz Day

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