Migrant Moths...Mexico...ID?

Bob Barber bob at vertigo.hsrl.rutgers.edu
Mon Oct 26 22:09:53 EST 1998

A friend was in Veracruz, Mexico from 7-14 October.  She attempted to get
me some dragonfly migration data, but had many distractions with all of the
migrating raptors and the moth migration she describes below.

"The entire time there were 1,000's of large dark moths (that looked like a
black Luna with irridescent torquois markings) migrating too all day long".

"On 10/8 I got distracted with the large black moths that were migrating
and 11:35 a.m. counted 110/minute in 1 field of view as I looked out
over the Gulf of Mexico at La Mancha Biological Station".

Could anyone out there speculate what species she observed from this

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