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Sat Oct 31 21:38:18 EST 1998

> Insecticide (and pharmaceutical) companies spend millions of dollars
> establishing health information such as the "No Effect Level" of
> chemical exposure. Then they establish application and esposure rates
> far below this level in order to build in a huge safety factor that
> takes into account how different people may respond differently to
> exposure.
> In the case of Vapona, the application rate specified on the label is
> 100 times below the established No Effect Level (in regard to
> cholinesterase inhibition). 

Well, since one of the alternatives is napthalene, what do the data say
about levels of napthalene?  Does anyone know?

ps - I **FINALLY** got rid of my last living lep stock.  Foisted them off
on a friend who is gonna try to re-over-winter them.  What a relief this
is!  Now all I have are zillions of houseplants and the bird.  Those
caterpillars sure were cute and pettable.... but now I can drive around
town without looking at each tree to see if it's a species I need leaves
of and if they're near the ground and if the owners might notice.  I
discovered the very best sweetgum trees in the whole city grow in the
parking lot at the governor's mansion.  I bet no one else was parking
there for the same reason I was.....  :-)

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