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Mon Sep 7 04:23:42 EDT 1998

Michelle Sexton wrote:
> I found a wasp today with the head and pinchers of a praying mantis, and
> the wings, thorax, and body of a mud dobber wasp. It is the most bizzar
> creature. Has anyone ever seen or heard of anything like this. Is it a type
> of wasp or is there a remote possibility that this is a cross between
> species? I have the wasp in a bottle, but don't have any pictures as of
> yet. Please let me know where I can go for information on this most odd
> find. Wayne
> Post or Email me at msexton at

Your insect is a not a wasp, it is a mantispid (Neuroptera Mantispidae). 
These uncommon insects are predators and their larvae are parasitic 
of spiders.

Have a look at:

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