D. simla livestock for sale

Barrie Harwood Barrie.Harwood at BTInternet.com
Tue Sep 8 13:52:24 EDT 1998

Available now!

OVA of Dictyoploca simla from North East India.

The larvae will eat many trees including willow, pear, apple, cherry,
hawthorn, sallow and oak (the best foodplant of all!).

The eggs are intended to overwinter, (keep them very cool - the fridge is a
good idea), but can be kept at room temperature for emergence THIS year if
foodplant is available.

Special price:  - 15 ova for only £2.75 or 30 ova for £5.00 (plus 75p
postage) - larger quantities catered for.

Barrie Harwood
White Lodge
Charlton Musgrove
Somerset. BA9 8EZ

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