Anne Kilmer viceroy at gate.net
Wed Sep 9 18:12:13 EDT 1998

Neil Jones wrote:
> snip

> Those of us who are more successful mate more often and have more
> offspring. Even the human mind is only something that has been shaped
> by natural selection to help us to mate,procreate and raise our offspring
> better. This could be described in short as "Coitio ergo sum". ;-)
however, allow me to point out that until recently, humans did better if
they had few children and polished them well, keeping the Daddy around
to help polish. Those insects which care for their young (stink bugs for
instance) also enjoy good results. the crux is having more children
survive to procreate; quality beats quantity every time -- except in the
welfare state. 
Gypsy moths disperse as tiny larvae, wafted on silk, rather than
planting their young out carefully ... sometimes quantity and cheapness
seems to overwhelm quality. It allows Mama to spend all her energy on
egg production, and none on traveling. Well, I suppose she has her
As for purpose, for some of us it is an article of faith; for others, a
figure of speech. This is not the place to thrash it out.
anne Kilmer
South florida

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