John Grehan jrg13 at
Thu Sep 10 12:02:05 EDT 1998

Pierre ZAGATTI wrote:

>Wings appeared in only one class of Arthropods: the insects.
>These moving abilities allowed them to exploit totally new
>ecological niches.

In which case the expoitation followed, but was not a cause, of the wings

>I don't really know what is the purpose of wings in butterflies,
>but I'm convinced that wings are the reason why there are so many
>different insect species around us [or there -was- in a recent past :-(]

To me this statement provides a clear distinction between purpose and
a sequential cause effect relationship with the presence of wings in the
first place providing the foundation for new possiblities, rather than the
new possiblities (however advantageous) providing for the origin of wings.

Sincerely, John Grehan

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