John Grehan jrg13 at
Thu Sep 10 17:22:11 EDT 1998

    Mark Walker.

As far as I'm
>concerned, the miracle of metamorphosis is just one of many very convincing
>evidences of divine purpose, a thing that John Grehan has not embraced -

I am agnostic with respect to the "miracle" of metamorphosis providing
evidence of divine purpose.

 I do think it to be a huge stretch to suggest that random mutations
>are responsible for this process.  Talk about blind faith!

If this is being imputed to John Grehan then Mark is in error as I have
questioned the assumption or paradigm by others that mutations are

>        Mutation a "creative force"?  I think not.  A decay of order, a
>jumbling of information, a mistake of nature. Left to its own, the result
>would be chaos, an eventual decline of life as we know it.

Not according to some geneticists

Isn't this a scientific position?

It might be one scientific position, but not the only one.

Aren't all of the laws of physics in agreement?

with what?

Sincerely, John Grehan

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