Mark Walker MWalker at
Fri Sep 11 16:31:53 EDT 1998

	Patrick Foley wrote:
	 <some snippage>

> It may not be profitable to argue out creation science frequently, but it 
> is surely a mistake to leave readers with an impression that science is 
> as stupid as creation scientists claim. This is subtle stuff, not all 
> biologists make the most effective arguments in support of evolution, but 
> it is not just soapbox argument. People devote lives to collect 
> information and analyze it. To say 'I don't see how ...' is pretty 
> unimpressive. See how! or take some courses in genetics, ecology, 
> evolution and systematics.
	Well, seeing as how I have only been making personal observations
from the beginning of this thread, I do not think it inappropriate for me to
say "I don't see" or "I do see" or whatever else I perceive.  My original
point was and still is nothing but my point, and impressing other human
beings was never a motivation.

	I find the level of hostility being conveyed to be quite
interesting, and I suppose I deserve some of it by my choice of "I can't see
how any intelligent..." verbiage.  I do find most of the responses to be
incredibly presumptuous and quite arrogant, however.  Just because some of
my remarks look similar to something that has been presented somewhere else,
does not mean that my ideas are coming from other people.  I look at the
world, and based on my understanding (which I consider to be pertinent and
significant, regardless of how non-conforming it may be), the notion that
the universe as we know it just simply came to be is so much nonsense.  I
don't need a consensus of human wisdom to come to that conclusion.  It comes
from empirical observation and interaction.

	As far as entropy is concerned, no one has provided a sound
explanation for how the original closed system came to be in the first
place.  You can't rebuff the entropy argument simply by limiting the
discussion to smaller pieces of the whole, and refer to them as open
systems.  To do so, and then belittle me because I am outside of your box
looking at the whole is short sighted.

	You can think that I'm simple-minded for considering all of this
(and I've been appropriately warned that you will), but that is no concern
of mine.  My concern is only to make a stand - and to voice my observations.
All of the squashing from those who feel they have attained a higher
understanding through some institution is nothing but dogmatic spewing, and
reminds me of Orwellian mind-control.  No thanks, as long as I am breathing.

	Oh, and by the way - I'm still a collector, too.

	Mark Walker.

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