I'm in trouble

Pierre le Roux arbor at mweb.co.za
Sun Sep 13 03:16:50 EDT 1998

Hi Barrie & all,

> Well, they've finally caught up with me........I've just had an
> email from Roger Kendrick (who is he?), telling me I'm in violation
> of some great newsgroup regulation that prohibits the advertising
> for sale of livestock on this newsgroup.
Try the leps-livestock-list at leach.nhm.ac.uk - they are more into 
exchange, but looks like no harm done in advertising the odd batch.

I for one wouldn't mind direct mailings of what you have - Presumably 
all you offer are from breedings, not wild capture, judging by your 
address? At this stage I deal through wholesalers only, as I breed a 
lot of African material, and find it tiresome to send out small 
parcels to individuals. I do however trade in stuff I breed for my 
own collection, and would welcome a list specifically dedicated to 
sales vs. exchange, to know in advance what the person has in mind.

A few months ago I almost had my head bitten off for suggesting that 
the "if it pays, it stays" approach also works for butterflies & 
moths, but the rich, Hollier-than-though apparently hold in disdain 
any mere mortal that needs to support his habit by selling stock to 
people that can afford it

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