Phoebis sennae inland in Maryland

Rob Hilton robert at
Mon Sep 14 08:08:53 EDT 1998

On Saturday afternoon Sept. 12 I was watching birds east of Emmitsburg,
Frederick Co., Maryland.  During the hour or so we were there (same place,
watching shorebirds) we noted Cloudless Sulphurs twice: once flying north,
which I didn't see, and once heading south (a male).  We were within a mile
of Pennsylvania at this point.  

Yesterday afternoon a friend who lives in Rockville, Montgomery Co., Md.,
watched a Cloudless Sulphur fly north (if I remember correctly) past his
third floor window.  

Most but far from all of the Cloudless Sulphurs I noted at Point Lookout,
St. Mary's County, Md., on Sept. 5 were males.  I believe that 4 of the 5 I
saw in Alexandria, Va., the following day, were males; the other was a
female if I remember correctly.  


Rob Hilton
robert at
Bethesda, MD

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