I'm in trouble

Eric or Pat Metzler spruance at infinet.com
Mon Sep 14 09:55:17 EDT 1998

Or, you can do what 
            sbsp at aol.com (SBSP) 
does and ignore the rules.  They took a poll, and most members seemed
indifferent to the rules.  So they continue to advertise.

A.P.K.Torry wrote:
> I think it is about time the constitution of the LEPS LIST be rethought out
> to include this kind of material. Surely captive bred livestock is not a bad
> thing to use to encourage the spread of interest in the field of Entomology.
> I for one would not object to the use of the list.
> Surely the membership can be given the opportunity to VOTE on a matter like
> this, or is it some kind of control held over us by the MAILSERV hosting
> this list.
> Andrew T
> PS. Just because it is difficult, if not down right impossible, to trade
> livestock in the USA, does not mean that us BRITS and EUROS cant!!!!

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