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Tue Sep 15 01:03:20 EDT 1998

Personally I have a no kill policy. I have been an avid Butterfly hunter for
years, but I can't eat them. If I could, and there were a season on
I don't believe in collecting for collecting's sake. I can't dictate this
policy to others, just please leave the less plentiful ones alone.Alex
Asheville NC
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Date: Monday, September 14, 1998 6:52 PM
Subject: Buying Livestock

>Point of view from an enthusiastic ameteur.
>Interesting discussions about the rights and wrongs of advertising
>on this group. Personally it doesn't bother me one way or another.
>Nice to see that most parties are being civil about it and that it is not
>de-generating into a slanging match.
>What concerns me is the following (no names mentioned) is that in the past,
>when I have mentioned (on the group) various species found in my garden
>(wild species) I have had offers to buy larvae/pupae.
>I would never use anything "wild" for commercial gain. I wonder if this
>justifies dealing with captive bred specimens.
>Maybe I am naive, but until I joined this group, i didn't realise that our
>little friends were in such demand.
>It would be interesting to know what percentage of members:-
>(a) Have a "no kill" policy.
>(b) Kill specimens for a "collection" (hunting instinct)
>(c) Kill / Breed for scientific study
>(d) Breed for conservation purposes
>(e) Breed for commercial gain
>Keep Music & Leps live
>Graham Dixon

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