I'm in trouble

Chris Raper triocomp at dial.pipex.com
Wed Sep 16 05:01:44 EDT 1998

On 16 Sep 1998 00:54:32 GMT, semjase at aol.com (Semjase) wrote:

>There is no correct functioning group.  This is as good as it gets and if I
>could I would love to leave all the professionals, stuffed shirts, kill joys &
>experts far behind.

Well, in that case perhaps you should argue your case for a
'rec.lepidoptera' group to be set up where less 'scientific' things
are discussed. Remember, this is a sci. group where one would expect
scientific things to be discussed - but necessarily by professional

And as for the "professionals, stuffed shirts, kill joys & experts"
comment, I like to think that I'm neither - but others may disagree on
any or all of those points! :-)   

How about this as a fair compromise: A post discussing how to keep or
breed a species is certainly well within the charter guidelines. [ I
would love to learn a bit about keeping Saturnids from some of the
many 'experts' out there]. If that post were _also_ to include a
request for something else or an advert that the author had some spare
to swap then - fine. That way a) the charter is adhered to b) we can
all learn something and c) the author gets a chance to advertise his
spare livestock. 

What I think is (slightly) objectionable is people just posting
one-liners advertising spare livestock or deadstock with no intention
of contributing anything to group discussion.

Chris R.

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