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Excellent. I got a reply about Lamark. I do not hold, nor advocate a purely Lamarkian view of evolution. However, I think a modified Lamarkian view can be taken. Darwin's ideas came at a time when there was no understanding of genetics. He even had a publication in his posession with Mendel's article in it. All the other scientific articles were heavily marked and annotated. Mendel's was not touched. This stuff clearly did not fit with his ideas of Natural Selection. Now we have a modified theory of Natural Selection that takes into account the modern view of Genetics. We know that stressors can drive adaptations in a specific direction. 
The concept of Lamark in my textbooks was covered in a paragraph. Darwin took up several chapters.
 I think perhaps stressors contributed to a heightened mutation rate in primordial insects. This mutation rate led to many adaptations. These mutations may have given rise to the adaptive radiation we see going on today. Now clearly this is not purely Lamarkian, and not Darwinian either. The two of them may merge at the horizon line.
By the way. My method of learning is to question and make statements that bring about replies from older and wiser heads than mine. In this way I might get some more knowledge from comments folks make. 
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