Exotic Invasives in Asia

Liz Day lday at iquest.net
Wed Sep 16 14:49:48 EDT 1998

(Reviving an older thread) -

> >I have seen the migratory
> >subspecies of the monarch, Danaus plexippus plexippus, as it spreads in
> >Papua New Guinea.  

> >     The invasion of the migratory subspecies of the monarch into areas of
> >the non migratory subspecies has aready created havoc in behaviors in some
> >areas of South America.

I didn't realize the monarch was an exotic pest anywhere.  It is?  How in
the world did it get to the south Pacific??!

And if the migratory one naturally invaded S. Am. on its own, can this
really be called havoc?

Just wondering what's going on.

Liz Day   
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Indianapolis, Indiana, central USA - 40 N latitude, zone 5b.

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