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Wed Sep 16 21:41:37 EDT 1998

>Yes, but should we not first have another net-conference on the 
>legalities of selling into other countries? I for one have a policy 
>of selling only to licenced institutions in the USA, due to the 
>stupidity of laws precluding the hobby trade.  Personally I feel the 
>quantities bred and bought by hobbyists are too low, in any event, to 
>cause trouble even if 1% of all people took to the practise, of 
>collecting butterflies, and 10% of those satrted rearing stock, and 
>regularly allowed stock to escape - which they don't - seeing that 
>they paid good money for them. More harm is probably done by the 
>bughuggers that release thousands of insects from distant localities, 
>and even then: Why would these survive in an area which they haven't 
>colonised over the millions of years they had the chance? (Opening up 
>the can of worms here, am I ;-) The cockraoches, flies, and other 
>nasties seem to be quite good at spreading them around: So why not 
>our butterflies? Is it maybe that they don't like us as much as we 
>like them, and prefer not to settle in the nice disturbed landscapes 
>we create?
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>You bring up an important point in that the hobbyist trade is being run into
the ground by thickheaded government beaurucrats.  It is literally a crime that
this is being done.

However birdkeeping, fishkeeping and other hobbies are also under attack by the
same forces & animal rights activists and greenies.

The situation is that there is precious little to do as a hobby today because
of ever increasing encroachment on good wholesome productive activities.  Then
they complain that the kids have drug propblems and present sports (UGH) as a

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