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Robert Thorn Thorn at
Fri Sep 18 13:13:25 EDT 1998

Alex wrote:

>  Just curious. Anybody seen any Gypsy Moths lately? Or European
> Cabbage Whites? How about European Starlings or House (English)
> Sparrows?Alex Netherton
> Asheville NC
> danetherton at

  Thanks Alex!  I was beginning to wonder if people here had lost all
perspective on introductions.  I might also add Chesnut blight and Elm
disease to the list, although their introduction was accidental, because
it stemmed from importations-without-restrictions.  To say that these
'introductions' were not tragedies, in almost any reasonable use of the
word, is to truly be living with blinders on.  Cabbage Whites and gypsy
moths have altered the ecosystem in eastern North America in a large
way, certainly leading to some human discomfort and suffering.  Do there
need to be human deaths on a massive scale for an event to qualify as a

Rob Thorn
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