ads for livestock, etc, etc

Semjase semjase at
Fri Sep 18 21:11:35 EDT 1998

>       1.  I believe it was Tony Cynor (excuse me if I got the 
>name wrong) who was talking about "risks" being taken with exotic 
>introduction and that (in general) no true "tragedy" has occurred 
>with these introductions so why should livestock be so highly 
>regulated?  Well, as Doug pointed out, many documented extinctions    
>have occurred due to exotic introduction, and if that is not a 
>*tragedy*, then I'd be scared to be around when a real tragegy 
>happened according to you!!!
>         2.  And, Miguel, you must forgive me my first statement, 
>because, like you, I am ready to see this thread "die"!  THEN WHY DID YOU
>                 James
Did he not ask to point out one specific one?

You have a nebulous answer here!


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