Traffic in plants and plant seeds

Semjase semjase at
Sat Sep 19 21:52:01 EDT 1998

>Eco-nazi is my favorite thing I've been called so far. (Not on this
>list.) I suggested that Ficus benjamina might not be the best foundation
>Plant bigot is good, too. I guess we're all bug-huggers, one way or
>another. Perhaps name-calling is not the best way to exchange
>information. Advice and encouragement works so well.
>Any pest-resistant plant that likes your climate and self-seeds is
>potential bad news. (You should see julia Morton's list of Florida
>trouble-makers. Citrus?) Any lep (or other bug) that loves your climate
>and can find food is also potentially troublesome. But ... it usually
>doesn't take long for the critters to figure out how to use it.
>The problems with melaleuca really started when we decided to get rid of
>it. So we cut 'em down and piled them in trucks and drove them to the
>dump, with hundreds and millions of tiny seeds just a showering down all
>the way.      
>Similarly, when we use pesticide to attack an alien bug, we're very
>likely to kill the locals who might had eaten it, once they'd figured it
>	And lookit what we're doing to the forest fauna in our eagerness to
>wipe out the gypsy moth ... 
>Anne Kilmer
>South Florida
Well said Anne!


Guesss everyone is a buffoon!

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