Traffic in plants and plant seeds

Liz Day lday at
Sun Sep 20 04:53:15 EDT 1998

Actually, Paul, I think one of my objections is that the eucalyptus will
appear to be officially sanctioned, thus people there will be miseducated.  
People will say to themselves, Well, the ecology-type people planted these
for the butterflies, so how bad can they be?  To educate the public
about the importance of native plants, or at least non-pest exotics,
govt and institutions should PLANT them.  People will take such things
more seriously if leading social institutions do.  I bet that many of
the people in the area have no clue that eucalyptus even *IS* exotic.

Obviously this is a separate question from that of the welfare of the
butterflies and the ecology at Monterey. 


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