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Doug Yanega dyanega at
Sun Sep 20 10:46:35 EDT 1998

>In regards to the monarch butterfly situation in Pacific Grove,
>California, it appears that Ann Kilmer, Liz Day, Doug Yanega and Ken
>Phelep have all voted AGAINST planting eucaltyptus there to maintain the
>monarch butterfly habitat.
>Am I correct in concluding that given the choice between planting
>eucalyptus or allowing the monarch habitat to wither away,  you all
>would vote for the latter?
>I am not trying to be sarcastic here---this is truly the actual
>situation facing decision makers in Pacific Grove right now.

See Liz' and Ken's comments on this - I'm entirely with them. If you've got
native plants other than those particular pines that will grow there, go
with it and make a point of reminding people that eucalyptus doesn't belong
in California in the first place. You want to see some eucalyptus-related
tragedy, come to Brazil and see how much of the Atlantic Forest was
destroyed to start eucalyptus plantations, just to produce charcoal. Only a
few thousand species extinct in the process, no big deal. Cheap, abundant
charcoal is worth it, right?


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