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Sun Sep 20 19:51:18 EDT 1998

	Liz Day asked:

> They don't have pain sensors???

	There may be some more recent work that I am not aware of--but if
you look through classic works like Snodgrass' 'Princples of Insect Morph-
ology (1935), Wigglesworth's 'The Principles of Insect Physiology' (1965),
or Chapman's 'The Insects: Structure and Function' (1969) you will find
that, unlike vertebrates, insects lack specialized pain receptors. This
does not prove that they do not somehow feel something that we might refer
to as pain--but evolution apparently did not equip them with anything like
our rich array of pain sensors. Insects are in many ways a very different
form of life from us vertebrates...

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