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> Dear readers of Lepidoptera,
> My name is Erik and I am 13 years old and very interrested in nature mainly
> birding but also butterflies. I have a question, my dad told me that when
> he was young he knew a butterfly-collector who killed the butterflies with
> his fingers. He pinched it in some way? He did not use any chemicals and
> meant that it was better both for the butterflies, they died faster and
> easier, and for the collector, the wings did not get damaged. I wonder if
> any of the readers of this group can comment on this or give any hints on
> how to do this without breaking the poor animal and still put it to death
> quickly. I have not found anything in the books about this.
> best wishes
> Erik
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Dear Erik

It depends on the butterflies. Personaly, I usually use my fingers, except
for smallest species like Lycaenidae or species that must be handle with care
to remain perfect, like Catocala, or species with big chests, like
Sphingidae. Nevertheless, using fingers does not kill all butterflies but
prevent them from using their wings, and even doing so they have to be placed
after in jars with some poison. For smallest or other to be handle with care,
I place them directly in jars. For biggest, I use injection of alcoohol, it
is very quick to be killed.

What a morbid subject !!


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