VRML Iso-Surfaces & Macromolecular IFL

Kimi Bishop kimi at neu.sgi.com
Tue Sep 22 19:08:31 EDT 1998

The Silicon Graphics Developer Program for Europe, Middle East & Africa
is proud to announce two additions to the latest development tools:
	- VRML Iso-Surface Extension
	- IFL Formats for Macromolecular Structures

Please see the descriptions below.

All software distribution and mailing list information can be obtained
from our site:



The Iso-Surface extension allows the visualization of real-time
iso-surfaces using VRML. An infinite number of iso-surfaces can be
visualized for a given volume, using a constant file size.

In addition, the extension allows the client to interactively change the
threshold, generating different iso-surfaces on the fly.

The Iso-Surface extension is installed via a dynamically shared object
on the client viewing the VRML world.

  Jean-Jacques Pittet
     Visual Supercomputing
     Advanced Technology Center, Switzerland 


The Macromolecular Image Format Library (MMIFL) facilitates the
manipulation and visualization of biological images, such as acquired
from X-ray crystallography, neutron diffraction and various other forms
of microscopy.

The following specialized formats, describing molecular and crystal
structures, have been implemented using the SGI Image Format Library

  J. Bernard Heymann
     M.E. Mueller Institute for Microscopic Structural Biology,
     Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland
  Jean-Jacques Pittet
     Visual Supercomputing
     Advanced Technology Center, Switzerland 


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