Trees used by Monarch butterflies in California

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Wed Sep 23 12:43:13 EDT 1998

     Those interested the native and exotic tree species used by monarch 
     butterflies for roosting and and microclimate conditions required by 
     the wintering animals may wish to review the following papers:  
     "Microenvironmental factors associated with the winter habitat of 
     Monarch butterflies (Lepidoptera: Danaidae) in central California" by 
     Kingston Leong (Ann. Entomological Society of America 83:907-910); and 
     "Overwintering monarch butterflies in California: Past and Present" by 
     John Lane.  The last paper appeared in "Biology and conservation of 
     the Monarch butterfly" edited by Steve Malcolm and Myron Zalucki 
     (Science Series No 38, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County).  
     The Leong paper gives some real insight into the environmental 
     conditions (temperature, wind speed, etc) at the wintering sites in 
     Chris Nagano   

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