baiting moths

Cehmoth cehmoth at
Wed Sep 23 12:42:12 EDT 1998

I have baited Noctuid moths (Catocala) extensively for 15 years with great
success from south-central US and from the northwest US.  I use overripe other additives, but know that there are dozens of preferred
recipes.  I get more males than females, usually at a ratio of 7:3.  When I do
use bait in a new location, I find I have best luck the 2nd night and better
each night after as I apply a little more each night. I apply 1/2 blackened
banana to each trunk, adding 1/4 more each new night, mainly to refresh the
smell.   The heat of the day often dries the pulp out, although bark beetles
can be found at the bait during the days as a bonus.  

Excessive light from the city can be a factor; you will have best luck with
mercury vapor or 'white' blacklights.  Like the baiting, each works best with
patience and practice.  A few great nights will make up for dozens of poor
Good Luck,
Chuck (Cehmoth)

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