killing butterflies

Liz Day lday at
Thu Sep 24 20:44:49 EDT 1998

> I regularly give talks about butterflies to local wildlife groups, and
> often non wildlife minded groups as well, and have had no difficulty in
> getting people enthusiastic about butterflies without the need to show them
> a dead specimen.  

Britain is surely a different case from America.  I envy you over there
because people seem to be SO much more into mice, birds, wildflowers,
bees, salamanders and of course butterflies.  (I won't even start on their
gardens... sigh).  People seem very keen on seeing or growing or recording
or harboring this or that rare plant or critter - at least this is my
impression.  Over here, if something is small, people are too macho to
look at it, they have more important things to do. 

So what works over there may not work so well here.

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