Trees used by Monarch butterflies in California

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Fri Sep 25 15:03:54 EDT 1998

At a meeting in Australia a few years ago (actually 1974) I heard a paper comparing 
the bird faunas of Eucalyptus and Monterrey Pine forests in California and 
Australia.  Not surprisingly the Eucalytpus in California and the Monterrey Pine in 
Australia were much more sterile than their native counterparts. Although the focus 
was on birds, it was attributed to the dearth of insects adapted to the non-native 
forests.  Like pines, the leaves of Eucalyptus suppress the growth of an herbaceous 
understory, supporting Doug's suggestion that cement posts provide better habitat 
or my earlier suggestion for rigging an artificial wire structure to attract the 
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Date: 09/25/98
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