Stormy weather

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Fri Sep 25 16:35:03 EDT 1998

I refuse to worry about this storm any more. I declare the incident
Except, of course, for all the other people who will now be
inconvenienced by it. And, of course, in the night the storm can do
anything ... 
Haven't seen an anole or a gecko all day, and the bedroom ones aren't
out. Plenty of zebra longwings out in the garden, but they were staying
close under the shrubbery. 
One skipper ... underwings furred with a red-brown like  cinnamon bark.
Haven't the foggiest what the upper wings looked like. He was tightly
folded, clinging to the central upper side of a pothos leaf, lying
lengthwise parallel to the center vein. 
No ants in the kitchen. Now that's odd. 
 A clump of mushrooms appeared and grew, as I watched. That was
Like a snow day, a storm day is a fine chance to pause and watch the
world turning. I wish everyone had come out from it as well as I did.
I'm sure our butterflies will be back to normal tomorrow. I'll let you

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