please help with pupae

Ted Ryznar tryznar at
Fri Sep 25 22:03:39 EDT 1998

At 11:45 AM 9/25/98 -0500, lday at wrote:
>Do those of you who know saturniids have any idea how to get a pupa to
>hatch when it isn't hatching?   My remaining imperialis pini pupae are 
>just sitting there.  They went through the winter along with many other
>pupae, including another pini who hatched ages ago (some time in August).
>They are alive and they squirm, but still don't eclose.  In a fit of pique 
>I put them in the frij the other night, then took them out this morning,
>but they are still alive.  
>WHAT DOES IT TAKE?   I'm out of creative ideas.
>(and no snide comments Ted!  :-)
>Thank you all,
>Liz Day   
>LDAY at 
>Indianapolis, Indiana, central USA - 40 N latitude, zone 5b.

  Snide comments? That doesnt even sound like me. I have about 20 imperial
pupae that I raised in march of this year on pine. They are supposed to be
double brooded in the South. They are, I believe, still alive however they
won't eclose either. I had read that 10 or 20 seconds exposure daily from a
black light held 1 meter away works however it didnt for me. Its really
hard to remember to do that every day. So Liz, when you figure it out let
me know. 
                                      Ted Ryznar
                                      tryznar at

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