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> Subject: Diurnal lepidopterists personae non grata
> Hello Charlie,
> A friend of mine here at work (who travels a lot in the West and
> occasionally brings back bugs for me) reports that there's a big
> official sign at the Sunlight Basin Ranger Station in Shoshone National
> Forest of Wyoming listing the things one can't do there.  Right after
> fossil collecting on the list came butterfly collecting.  Apparently
> moths, beetles, etc are still collectible... go figure.
> Looking forard to the Ky Leps meeting,
> jh

This is quite easy to understand given the fact that a few years ago there
was a trial involving 3 collectors. They had deliberately conspired to collect
in national parks and similar places and to trade in endangered species.
The indictment ran to 85 pages! one of them had (if I recall correctly)
over 200 specimens listed under CITES confiscated.
For those who wish to know more please see my "rogues" gallery at:-

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