Light Traps

Oliver Tiose otiose at
Sat Sep 26 22:19:55 EDT 1998

I used to use lights here in Australia to collect at night about 35
years ago......we used a GE-F15T8BL  (that is from a 35 y/o memory)!
hope it's right!  We also used a 12v dc car battery version for field
collecting & it worked just fine...just hang it on a white sheet &
dont stare it for weeks of night times like I did or you'll be wearing
thick glasses like me!   I have fond memorys of mayn "new" species we
discovered ...some from memory being named in time, for my companion.
mm_de at (Miguel de Salas) 
>I was contemplating the possibility of setting up a light trap for local
>nocturnal lepidoptera. I have never used one before, and was wondering if
>anyone has some comments on what sort of light (mercury vapour, black UV
>light, etc... to use, and on any successful setups.
>Any comments appreciated.

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