Kill Bugs Fast

Mitch Marcotte Mitch_Marcotte at
Wed Sep 30 02:42:51 EDT 1998

When you need to KILL that new bug you just caught and  don't know how here
is a list.

1.  Freeze it.  This Kills Most
2.  Crush it. Butterflies and small Moths in the middle of the abdomen.
3.  Drip Alcohol in the body (or soak it).  For those smelly beetles.
4.  Inject it with Clear BoPeep Ammonia.  (Professional Use Only)  Don't try
this at home kids.  Use small insulin syringes.  Be careful.

Avoid Acetone or cyanide (It freezes the muscles and is very dangerous)

When all else fails hit it with the car at 55 mph.

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